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One of the many things I love about working from home is the flexibility of where my office will be at any given day; I love a change of scenery! Since we’ve been in Utah these past two months, I’ve been a little more limited on the day to day as Jake and I are sharing a rental car but I can’t complain especially when my office has been this plush and cozy bed when I’m not at Starbucks. No matter what though, a few things remain the same: my Mac, notebook & coffee or tea!

I’m a sucker for anything kate spade (as pretty much any fashion girl is!) but especially when it comes to office supplies; they are so chic! When I’m hard at work, I just love the playfulness of her designs to lighten the mood. But it doesn’t stop with kate spade… call me old fashion, but I love writing down my ideas and notes more than using list apps on my phone so I have an arsenal of notebooks and agendas of all sizes, colors, and brands! Another favorite is sugar paper, especially their collaboration they did with target a few months ago.

So go grab a notepad, pen and some coffee and come up with some life changing ideas 🙂

What are some of your favorite notepads and agendas?


Xo, katie

Merona Scarf (no longer available, but similar items): similarsimilarsimilar // kate spade notepad

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