If you are anything like me, walking into a Sephora or near any makeup counter is just dangerous! I’m like a moth to a flame… always looking at the new products and who doesn’t love getting their makeup done?! I feel like no matter what, though, everyone always has those ‘go-to’ products that never change! Of course, depending on the coverage I am wanting or what I’m doing (running errands, photoshoot, night out, etc.) I will use additional products or sub out some of these for others I have that make more sense for the occasion. Here’s a sneak peak into my makeup bag of the products I can’t live without!

Make up essentials: face

For my face:

  1. Laura Mercier, Foundation Primer – Radiance, 1.7oz $36 : Especially during the summer, I love my primer to have a little shimmer in it so it’ll show through just enough under my foundation or tinted moisturizer without looking shimmery. I switch off between the radiance one in the summer and hydrating primer in the winter when my skin gets a little drier.
  2. Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturizer w/ SPF 20 – Natural, 1.7oz $44 : So important to always be wearing some sort of SPF on your face, again, especially during the summer (or in Cali)! I tried out so many tinted moisturizers and kept coming back to this one. It’s perfect for those ‘no makeup’ makeup days and you can easily control the coverage.
  3. Laura Mercier, High Coverage Concealer – 1.5, $30 : This product is ahh-mazing!! My skin undertone is a little red so even after I put tinted moisturizer or foundation on, sometimes I have little spots that are still redder than I like them to be. With this concealer, it is such high coverage that you barely need any of it to be able to do what you want … which means, this little tube will last a lifetime!
  4. Laura Mercier, Matte Radiance Baked Powder – Bronze-02, $40 : Love, love, love! (I feel like I keep saying this about every product but hey, that’s why they’re in this post! 🙂 ) The perfect bronzer. You can easily control the coverage you want and I usually contour with this one and the Bronze-03.

*seeing a pattern here?! my obsession with Laura Mercier makeup runs deep 😉

makeup essentails: eye

For my eyes:

  1. Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer – Original, 0.33oz $20 : I used to have a problem with my eyeshadow creasing or my eyeliner getting on the top of the lid of my eye but not anymore! A little goes a long way and really makes a difference! They also have a radiance one I’ve used before and liked.
  2. NARS, Eye Paint – Porto Venere, 0.08oz $25 : I almost exclusively use the Naked Palette by Urban Decay … I love when all of my eye colors are in one spot but I can’t live without this eye paint! It’s one of my favs because it really brightens the eye! Also, it’s great to pop in to lighten up a smoky eye!
  3. Avon, Glimmersticks Eye Liner – Cosmic Brown, $7 : This is the first eyeliner I ever used so it’s super surprising that I still wear it but I haven’t found any other eyeliners that I like better. It glides on so well, comes off pretty easily at the end of the day but also doesn’t come off (at least for me) in the pool or gym or anything … and it’s not waterproof either! #magic
  4. CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara – Black, $6.99 : I am obsessive about my eyelashes! No matter what, they have to be perfect or I just have a bad day. Okay…not really, but you get my point! I could have no other makeup on and just feel 100% better with mascara. That being said, I’ve tried it all and honestly, this $7 one from target or any drug store is THE BEST and I’d rate it above a $50 one any day!
  5. MAC ‘Eye Brows’ Brow Definer – Lingering, $16.50 : This is the newest addition to my essentials list. I actually used to use the Kevyn Aucoin pencil but not many retailers carry it and of course, I ran out the day before I had to leave for a trip so I had to find a quick fix. I actually love this one more! It blends really nicely with my natural brows and I feel like it lasts forever! (depending on usage, obviously) I’ve had mine since before Dec and am still using it! I know it’ll run out any day now so I just picked another one up the other day.


  1. Laura Mercier, Angled Cheek Contour Brush, $45
  2. Laura Mercier, Long Crème Eye Colour Brush, $30

I’d love to hear some of the products that y’all can’t live without! Always love trying new things 🙂

Xo, katie


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