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Everyone knows that I always have my nails done! I just feel like it’s the icing on the cake and I always feel more put together when I have my nails done (even if I’m not 🙂 ). As you can imagine, this habit can get very expensive! Thankfully, my nails don’t grow that fast and I can usually get away with having gel polish on for 3-4 weeks before having to go back into the salon. I’ve been searching for a while for a way to do my own nails, not only so I can save some $$$ but also, I am very meticulous and always felt that I could shape my nails better 😉

*Side story: When we were in Utah, I needed to get my nails done and ended up going to b space salon (ahh-mazing, btw!) and my nail technician, Brandon, was appalled by my nails when he took the color off and commented how unhealthy they were! He said that whoever had been doing my nails, inflicted a lot of trauma to them and took part of the enamel off! I was so shocked and had no clue! So right then and there, I knew I had to start figuring out what I was going to do once I got back home because I obviously couldn’t go back to the place I had been going to!

A lot of the other ‘gel’ polishes I have seen, other bloggers and reviews said they never lasted more than a few days and that just seems as obnoxious as regular polish #notworthit … THEN I came across Bio Seaweed Gel Polish! Soo many reviews said that they lasted at least 14 days & they were ‘Big 5 free’ so I knew I had to give this a try! Saving money AND healthier nails… yes please! To start, I just ordered the UNITY polish in Snow White & for longer wear, especially on hands, it is recommended to also get the No Wipe Top Coat.


what better way to cure them in the sun than laying out by the pool! :)


O.M.G. it’s amazing! Not only does it stay on for 14 days without any chipping (at least for me), you don’t even need a UV lamp…it cures in the SUN! I painted 3 thin coats and let it cure in the sun for about 2min after each coat (they say 30sec-2min depending on the strength of the sun but I usually spend the extra time regardless just to make sure they are 100% cured). After the 3 coats of polish, I finished with the No Wipe Top Coat for that nice and glossy finish! (make sure to cure the top coat, too!)

I am extremely pleased with this polish and will definitely be ordering more!

*I just need to practice ‘staying within the lines’ 🙂 After getting my nails done for years, I am way out of practice! But I’m learning how to not make it look like a 4 year old painted them 😉

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Xo, katie


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