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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today I wanted to share some of my top beauty basics, most of which are under $10!! These products I use just about everyday and have seen an improvement in my hair & skin. I definitely am no expert when it comes to hair & skin care • fashion & style are more of my expertise • but I always love sharing when I find things that work for me in hopes they might do the same for you!

First and foremost… the infamous clarisonic. I was a little late to the party on this one but better late than never! It took some time to actually cave and join the occult following this product has due to the expense but I will say I wish I would’ve done it sooner! Just one use and immediately my skin was softer and more radiant. The Mia 2, which is what I have, has two speeds; it is also waterproof, rechargeable and comes with a protective travel case. The head that comes with it is for normal skin, but they also have ones for deep pore cleansing, acne, radiance, etc. and are about $27/per but I found out about these heads from amazon about 2 months ago and they work just the same and are much more cost effective! For a while, I used the cleansing gel that came with the clarisonic but I’ve found that cetaphil works great for my skin, too! This whole system will cost around $149 but check your Nordstrom Rack because that’s where I found mine for only $99!

♦ tip: read this article I found on Pinterest a while back for additional tips with your clarisonic!

2. Wet Brush: eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping due to theIntelliFlex bristles with SofTips. No split ends or hair loss. Works great on wet or dry hair and extensions!

3. Dry brush: dry brushing has a long list of skin benefits but here are just a few: exfoliates dead skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite, unclogs pores, & stress relief. I’ve attached an article that goes more in-depth on each of these and shows you the correct way to brush here. You can find these brushes anywhere from Target to TJMaxx but just make sure they are all-natural bristles, not synthetic.

4.  TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock: kinda funny about this product…I actually got this a couple years ago (clearly you can tell since they’ve repackaged it since!) but just started using it a couple months ago. Like everyone else, I had an arsenal of products stashed in my cabinet so when I ran out of my Aveda product, this was the next in line! I’ve always been jealous of those girls that can go to the beach or pool or even just hop out of the shower, do absolutely nothing to their hair and it dries perfectly! Well, having naturally wavy hair and having put a lot of heat on it in the past, that scenario just wasn’t a reality for me. Since moving out to CA and having the luxury of working from home, I air-dry my hair pretty much every chance I get! This product has really helped condition my hair, too. As soon as I get out of the shower, I’ll pump some product out and run it through my hair, focusing more on my ends. I’ve definitely noticed a change in the overall health of my hair; it is a lot more conditioned and less frizzy! #win !!

And lastly… 5. OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner: one thing I’ve learned from experience & my hair dressers is the fact that more expensive shampoo & conditioners aren’t always better. I’ve used this set at random times before (my mom would always have it in our guest bath when I’d come home to visit) but I started using it consistently a couple months ago and have fallen in love with it! I love reading about hair care tips & tricks and had been hearing about egg white proteins and coconut oil/milk and came across reviews by some pretty prominent people in that industry raving about this specific OGX product (among others) so decided to give it a try! Maybe it’s just the combination of the wet brush, my Catwalk product & this shampoo/conditioner duo, but my hair has definitely gotten a lot healthier!

What are some beauty basics you swear by!? I’d love to know about them!

Xo, katie


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