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They don’t light the Castle well for taking pictures obviously ;)

Last Friday night was a special date night for Jake and I as we went to The Magic Castle in Hollywood. The Magic Castle is an exclusive club where entry is only allowed to members and their guests and formal party attire is strictly enforced. It is also the home to the Academy of Magical Arts. I didn’t know this until we went but apparently The Magic Castle is the Mecca for all things magic. Every magician dreams of performing at the Castle and it is a very big dream and accomplishment when one becomes a member and performs. We had the privilege of meeting one of the magicians last Fall at an event at our winery and finally had the opportunity to go last weekend!

We got to the Castle at 6PM, valeted and met with our magician friend. As we walked into the Castle, there were no windows or doors in the lobby whatsoever. To proceed into the rest of the Castle, you had to say a secret passcode to an owl that would then open up the hidden door in the bookcase.

Aside from the small lobby, no pictures were allowed in the Castle whatsoever. The Castle itself was gorgeous inside and everything you would expect a magic castle to look like. There are multiple performance rooms for stage and close-up magic and many magicians sitting around any of the 5 bars waiting to put on a personal show for you. One of the magicians at an upstairs bar was actually Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin’s favorite magician!

As we entered, we were handed the program for the night that showed what magicians were performing where and at what time. We spent the first half of the night with our magician friend as he told us all about the Magic Castle and sat with us through a couple shows and even performed for us! Seriously… my mind was blown the entire night! About half way through the night, we went down to the main bar to grab a bite to eat and ended up talking to this older gentleman for about 45 minutes! He himself was a magician and traveled all over the world to perform. He knew the founders very well and had so many stories to tell us about them and other notable magicians around the world!

It was so crazy how time just felt like it stood still. The night itself was so surreal. By the end of the night, we realized that we had been there for 7 hours!

There is so much more I can tell you about the history of the Magic Castle but if you’re interested, just go here to read more about it! And for the sake of secrecy, I won’t talk about any of the specific acts … you’ll just have to go and be surprised for yourself!

• fun fact : Neil Patrick Harris used to be the President of the Academy of Magical Arts and Johnny Depp is a regular attender. Unfortunately, we didn’t see either of them but maybe next time! 🙂

A couple of photos from outside of the castle at 1AM 🙂

magic castle 4

magic castle 2

Outfit details: similar dress // Valentino heels : similar heels // clutch // lipstick

(I actually talked about my lipstick in this post… check it out!)

Xo, katie


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